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Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™

Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™

At Safe Chain Solutions, we pride ourselves on our dedication to order accuracy, attention to detail, and most importantly, patient safety. This led us to develop Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™.

Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™ is our proven quality control process that offers five inspection and verification points throughout the supply chain, ensuring the most accurate, reliable, and safe service possible for your patients. After all, each and every one of our team members lives by our motto, “The success of our business relies solely on the success of our customers.” When working with Safe Chain Solutions, every product that travels through our supply chain is treated with the utmost care. We understand that each order is more than just a package, it’s a patient.


Here’s is how Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™ works:

1. When a shipment arrives at Safe Chain Solutions, its packaging is inspected for damages, and then unpacked. The goods are then inspected and all items and information are verified and recorded.

2. The goods and recorded information are re-inspected and pedigrees are verified by the floor manager.

3. The orders are then received and processed through the Safe Chain Solutions database.

4. Once the order is ready to ship, the order paperwork is printed, paired with the goods, and the order information is verified.

5. All paperwork information and goods are then re-verified by the floor manager, prior to packing.

6. After the order is packaged with the necessary material, it receives a final managerial check to ensure package integrity. Finally, the package is sealed, picked up, and delivered to either you or your client at the time you need it.

The development of Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™ allows us to maintain an order accuracy of 99.9% for each and every one of our clients. Give us a call today at +1.855.437.5727 to learn more about Safe Chain QC Pro Rx™.

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