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A Market Leader in Pharmacy Solutions - Net-Rx

As a market leader in pharmacy solutions, Net-Rx has deep industry expertise and is a trusted partner to many of the most recognizable pharmacies in the country.   

Community Retail Pharmacies

In the ever-changing healthcare marketplace, the ability to minimize risks, reduce operational costs and improve profitability becomes increasingly critical to maintain a successful business. Net-Rx enables Community Retail Pharmacies to identify revenue opportunities and operational efficiency so that they can focus on providing the highest levels of service to their customers.

Long Term Care Pharmacies

Long Term Care Pharmacies face unique challenges as they strive to meet the needs of the patients and facilities they support while also successfully managing their business.  These challenges require keen, timely analytic insight into the many financial and operational variables that impact performance.  Net-Rx enables Long Term Care Pharmacies to achieve this insight, make actionable decisions, and manage a high-performing business.  We do it with expertise, resources, and insights that are specific to the Long Term Care Pharmacy market.  With Net-Rx as your partner, you can minimize risk, improve profitability, maintain compliance, and demonstrate superior service.

Retail Chain Pharmacies

On top of the challenge of operating in a fast-changing healthcare environment, Retail Chain Pharmacies have the added challenge of improving health outcomes and achieving optimal performance under a corporate operating model.  By accessing advanced business analytics, superior support and our team of industry experts, Net-Rx helps Retail Chain Pharmacies ensure compliance across all locations, confirm payment accuracy, and gain critical business insight at both the pharmacy and corporate levels. 

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