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About The Relief Products™

The Relief Products™ is a 33-year-old family-operated company that specializes in over the counter homeopathic medicine. With products in most major retailers, The Relief Products™ is dedicated to a singular mission of helping as many people as possible Stay Healthy, Naturally®. This mission has been the foundation of our continued growth and innovation.

The Relief Products™ continues to answer evolving consumer demand with two products aimed at alleviating common ear conditions. Ring Relief® Ear Drops and Fast-Dissolving Tablets provide temporary relief for tinnitus symptoms such as ringing, buzzing, chirping, roaring, pounding and discomfort. There are currently over 50 million Americans suffering with tinnitus, and this number continues to grow. The Relief Products™ embraces the opportunity to address this condition using medicine formulated with 100% natural active ingredients that work safely and gently with your body. With over a decade of dedicated care, Ring Relief® continues to provide much needed relief for those suffering from the often-times unbearable and debilitating symptoms of tinnitus.

What’s New?

Understanding consumer demand for 24/7 relief, The Relief Products™ fill this void with new PM Ointments, offering relief from common ailments such as pink eye, blepharitis, eye fatigue from blue light exposure, and allergies. Our preservative free PM ointments combine a unique blend of active and inactive ingredients to soothe discomfort and reduce symptoms, allowing for recuperative sleep.

PinkEye Relief® PM Ointment temporarily relieves nighttime pink eye symptoms such as burning, watering, swelling, sensations of grittiness, and overnight crusting of the eye, as well as sleeplessness.

Eye Lid Relief® PM Ointment offers soothing relief for Blepharitis-like symptoms such as crusting, gritty lids, swollen and red lids, oily and sticky lids, as well as sleeplessness.

Eye Strain Relief® PM Ointment is formulated to temporarily relieve nighttime eye strain symptoms associated with excessive blue light exposure such as dry eyes, eye strain with headache, eye fatigue, blurry vision, double vision, and sleeplessness.

RedEye Relief® PM is formulated to temporarily relieve nighttime red eye symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching, watering eyes, redness, dry eyes, and sleeplessness.

In addition, The Relief Products™ will be introducing two new ear care items for 2020 that provide nighttime relief: Ring Relief® PM Ear Drops and Earache Relief® PM Ear Drops. These new Ear Care products will provide relief from symptoms and promote restorative sleep, as often times nighttime is the worst time for earache and tinnitus sufferers.

High Quality OTC Products

The Relief Products™ prides itself on incorporating available technology, unique product offerings, and compassionate pricing to provide customers with effective products backed by outstanding customer service. All The Relief Products’™ products are manufactured in accordance with the strict FDA guidelines and Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

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