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Meet Pharmacists Mutual - All Pharmacists Need Specialized Protection

Pharmacies are busy, even hectic, workplaces, and like any workplace, there is always the possibility of making a mistake. For pharmacists, however, an error of any size could result in harm to a patient, which would surely be followed by legal action. 

Carrying your own liability coverage is particularly important for pharmacists who are independently prescribing in community settings. Consulting pharmacists and pharmacists in academia should also secure their own coverage to protect them from being liable for any errors or misstatements in notes or lectures. Volunteer or contract pharmacists will not be covered by employer insurance policies. Student pharmacists may want to consider special coverage for their time in school as well as their first year on the job.

Pharmacists Mutual has been providing specialized pharmacist liability insurance for more than 100 years. As pharmacists’ roles have expanded in the healthcare sphere, Pharmacists Mutual provides policies that offers protection in a wide variety of situation.

Their professional liability policies cover: 

- Employed pharmacists

- Hospital pharmacists

- Community pharmacists

- Clinical pharmacists

- Long-term care pharmacists

- Nuclear pharmacists

- Consultant pharmacists

- Self-employed pharmacists

- Volunteer pharmacists

- Retired pharmacists

- Pharmacy instructors

- Student Pharmacists


About Pharmacists Mutual 

For more than a century, Pharmacists Mutual has been providing specialized insurance solutions backed by solid industry insight. Their full range of professional, business, and personal policies delivers quality, choice, and protection. Pharmacists Mutual is a resource for reliable, comprehensive insurance protection.

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