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Meet Americorp Financial - Financing Boosts Equipment Sales

Technological advances in pharmacy are helping pharmacists keep up with growing demand, increase patient safety, and improve profitability. These advances, often in the form of complex equipment, are also costly and can seem out of reach for many potential pharmacy buyers. For manufacturers, offering a financing option puts these products back in their customers’ grasps and increases sales. 

Americorp Financial develops payment plans around a monthly payment rather than the full cost. You can offer customers the choice of renting or financing with a fixed number of payments. An Equity Rent-to-Own program allows customers to take advantage of technology advances and improve the services they offer their patients without a large upfront cost. 


About Americorp Financial

For more than 30 years, Americorp Financial has created unique programs for their manufacturer and distributor partners. They provide finance options that are readily available to assist with the immediate acquisition of equipment, software, and services. As an approved financing partner, Americorp becomes offers proven solutions to overcome customer sales hurdles, such as budget constraints, a long approval process, or technology obsolescence.

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