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Meet BestRx - An IVR Interface Builds Closer Connection to Patients

Today’s pharmacy customers want to be able to refill prescriptions, ask questions, and find store hours simply and immediately. Interactive voice response technology allows a computer to interact with humans, making busy signals a thing of the past and allowing for immediate response to texts and emails. 

Through the BestRx IVR interface, your customers will be able to receive instant or near-instant service from your pharmacy over the phone, through texting, or by email. When a refill is requested through the interface, an alert is sent and the order is immediately added to the queue for processing. BestRx’s IVR system works in conjunction with the BestRx digital pharmacy management system to send automated outbound messages, including refill reminders and will-call reminders that will increase patient adherence and reduce return-to-stocks.


About BestRx

For two generations, BestRx has been committed to the success of independent community pharmacies. The company was founded on the premise that independent pharmacists needed a simpler, more efficient way to manage their businesses. BestRx developed their retail pharmacy computer systems so pharmacists could spend more time caring for their patients.

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