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TemperPack Wins Patent for New Packaging Technology

TemperPack Wins Patent for New Packaging Technology

Sustainable packaging company protects tech behind flagship material, ClimaCell®

TemperPack announced today that the company has been awarded patent number 10,357,936 by the US Patent Office for an advanced thermal and protective packaging material made from bonded polysaccharide particles.

This patent is the first related to ClimaCell, the company's latest and most advanced material, which was introduced to the market late last year. ClimaCell is the first packaging material to match the thermal and cushioning properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that has also received the "Widely Recyclable" designation from How2Recycle®.

ClimaCell was developed out of an effort to find a scalable alternative to EPS, which is more commonly known as Styrofoam®. "We wanted to create an affordable material that could be used in multiple markets. That required us to come up with a manufacturing platform that would be massively scalable and run on widely available feedstock," stated James McGoff, co-CEO of TemperPack.

To achieve sustainability at scale, the company experimented with hundreds of formulations and materials including: nonwoven battings comprising natural, synthetic, and paper fibers, macerated paper, shredded kraft and newsprint, molded pulp, corrugated designs, embossed tissue, filled honeycomb, mushroom-based materials, natural and synthetic extruded foams, thermoformed plastics such as rPET, and more.

The company landed on the product they today call ClimaCell. ClimaCell and EPS have a 1:1 R-Value when comparing equal thicknesses but ClimaCell is made from rapidly renewable materials and reduces carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by over 90% compared to EPS. ClimaCell is lightweight, food safe, moisture-resistant, and ships flat for efficient transport and storage.

"This patent is a huge development for us, from a market leadership perspective. But what's really exciting is we've already produced millions of units and are actively working with companies in the life sciences and perishable foods space. This is a proven product and technology which enables us to be cost competitive with EPS," said McGoff.

About Temperpack

TemperPack is the market leader in sustainable thermal packaging. The company was born out of a desire to reduce the amount of unsustainable packaging that correlated with the rise of e-commerce delivery. Incorporating environmental responsibility into product design, the company specializes in bringing the highest quality packaging solutions to scale. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Richmond, VA, TemperPack operates three facilities across the country and is rapidly expanding its reach in the perishable food and life sciences industries, all with the goal protecting products with packaging that protects the Earth. To learn more, visit

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