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Meet Return Solutions - Providing Simple and Compliant Destruction Services

Every pharmacy is responsible for managing any pharmaceutical waste in accordance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, including new management standards prohibiting disposal of certain waste pharmaceuticals through the sewer system. Not only are many expired drugs classified as hazardous substances, when improperly discarded, they can also find their way into the wrong hands. Proper handling of expired medications protects our waterways and avoids the potential for diversion and misuse. 

Return Solutions offers DEA- and EPA-approved, waste-to-energy destruction of unwanted and unsaleable pharmaceutical products. Pharmacies can initiate a destruction services request through the Return Solutions website; the company provides return authorization and prepaid UPS shipping labels. 


About Return Solutions  

Return Solutions is a full-service pharmaceutical product returns provider specializing in retail pharmacies. In business since 1992, they are one of the oldest names in pharmaceutical reverse distribution. 

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