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Meet CriticalPoint - In the Pharmacy, Math Skills Matter

In the field of pharmacy, math skills are put to work on a daily basis. Pharmacists and technicians perform math calculations regularly to ensure that patients receive the correct dosage of medication. In pharmacy, even the smallest mathematical error could lead to grave patient harm or even death, which is why specialized ongoing education and training are so important. 

For pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students who need to build a sound math skills framework, CriticalPoint offers three educational and competency programs related to pharmacy math skills. Their elearning course develops fundamental math skills through eight online lessons. A pre-employment math screening option is a 50-question test that can help to compare prospective employees. The competency verification math screen is useful for regular assessment of staff proficiency. 


About CriticalPoint

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, technologists and nurses in hospitals, nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical sites, and home infusion settings worldwide use CriticalPoint training programs to improve competency and patient safety.

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