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University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy would like to congratulate an Outstanding Preceptor- Dr. Daniel Co!



Dr. Daniel Co received his PharmD from The University of Georgia, completed a PGY1 residency at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, and is currently the Director of Pharmacy Services at the Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico, where his areas of interest are infectious disease, medication safety, and pharmacy practice experience. As a preceptor, Dr. Co focuses his rotations on fostering student growth. He is mindful that “oftentimes APPE rotations are the only opportunity many students have to focus on developing solid strategies for researching drug information questions, applying clinical guidelines to actual patients, and,” Dr. Co says, “present to and educate other healthcare providers.” Though Dr. Co has only been precepting students here for less than a year, feedback from students proves he is an inspiring preceptor and role model to his students. Dr. Co is valued for his investment in student learning, for the time he spends mentoring and guiding students, and for the way he challenges students to develop their critical thinking. As Dr. Co says, he wants to ensure students “leave the rotation with tangible, practical examples of how they used pharmacy knowledge to positively affect health system or patient outcomes.” The UNM College of Pharmacy would like to thank Dr. Co for all his hard work and dedication!

“Dr. Co was a great preceptor. He genuinely wants to help students expand their knowledge and help them reach their full potential. He was always very professional and would be a great role model to students interested in pharmacy management as well.” — P4 Student Pharmacist

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