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NCPA, PRS Launch First-of-its-Kind “CBD Source” Tool for Pharmacists

NCPA, PRS Launch First-of-its-Kind “CBD Source” Tool for Pharmacists

New resource will serve as an informational and e-commerce website for community pharmacists

The National Community Pharmacists Association today announced that it has teamed up with PRS to launch the NCPA CBD Source, a first-of-its-kind online resource for community pharmacies featuring cannabidiol products as well as general information about the CBD industry. The NCPA CBD Source will serve as an easy-to-navigate website providing pharmacies with answers they may need to make educated decisions about the growing CBD marketplace.

“Many pharmacies are deciding to sell CBD products because of the patient demand and because, as the medication expert, they can serve as the source of truth,” says NCPA CEO B. Douglas Hoey, pharmacist, MBA. “Pharmacy owners want to be able to answer their patients’ questions and recommend products where they can check their certificate of analysis. The new CBD Source goes a step further and will be sending product samples to an independent lab to verify strength and product integrity.”

“PRS didn’t hesitate when presented with the opportunity to partner with NCPA for this project,” says PRS President Harry Lattanzio, RPh. “We believe that the community pharmacist should also be the community's CBD expert. CBD belongs in a pharmacy, but the industry is young and full of misinformation. PRS and NCPA have combined resources, done the research, and sifted through the claims to create a comprehensive platform that community pharmacists can trust for CBD education, marketing, and products.”

The NCPA CBD Source, powered by PRS, will function much like any other online shopping site but with resources for pharmacist CBD education and marketing tools and with products researched by NCPA and PRS. Pharmacists can evaluate each company included in the program and review the products they are offering. Samples of products on the site will be tested for concentrations of all cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, by an independent, third-party lab. While the NCPA CBD Source will include experts who pharmacists may call and ask about buying, selling, and marketing, pharmacists are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with local, state, and federal laws governing the sale of CBD products.

The U.S. CBD industry grew by nearly 40 percent in 2017 to $367 million, according to a recent report from New Frontier Data, an analytics company specializing in the cannabis industry. The market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2024.

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