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Is Your Compounding Pharmacy Following Best Practices to Control Contamination? - Training at IEST

Is Your Compounding Pharmacy Following Best Practices to Control Contamination?

Find Out by Attending Critical Technical Training: Save Your Spot Now

Contamination control is a serious issue for U.S. compounding pharmacies and aseptic facilities. In fact, Americans have died from tainted medicine produced by these facilities.

The IEST (Institute Environmental Sciences and Technology) is offering a training course series to pharmacists and pharmacy cleanroom designers: Requirements Needed for Compounding Pharmacies Using USP 797, Dec. 9-13, in Irving, Texas. As a subscriber of RXinsider, we invite you to participate in this training—with a $500 discount!

This course series will:

- Help attendees adapt compounding procedures and modify facilities so they are clean and sterile environments

- Review the current official chapters of USP 795 (last revised in 2014) and USP 797 (last revised in 2008)

- Cover guidelines and best practices for the design, operations, microbiology, and aseptic procedures for cleanroom facilities

- Assist pharmacies to anticipate and prepare for regulations and standards as they evolve

Who will teach this course:
Instructors who test and certify as well as design and build thousands of cleanrooms.

Course Fee:
RXinsider subscribers may register for $2,885—$500 off the IEST non-member registration price. Use coupon code 1219USP500 before November 22 to take advantage of this discount. You must be a non-member of IEST to use this coupon code.

Bonus discount — Register 3 employees and receive a complimentary registration for a 4th employee! Contact IEST at 847-981-0100 to arrange this option.

Review the course outline and more details for the upcoming training course. Online registration closes December 2.

About IEST

IEST is a membership association that gives technical guidance to professionals working in controlled environments. The organization is an ANSI-accredited standard-developing organization; Secretariat of ISO/TC 209 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments; and Administrator of the ANSI-accredited US TAG to ISO/TC 209. In addition to holding conferences and training classes, IEST organizes Working Groups that develop, write and publish industry recommended practices. 

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