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Meet BIOSRX - Making Hormone Application Easier Boosts Compliance

To be effective, many bioidentical hormones must be administered vaginally. A number of other women’s pharmaceutical products, including suppositories, creams, and ointments are also delivered through the vagina. To make the process easier for patients, pharmacists supply a plastic, plunger-type applicator. Unfortunately, these standard applicators are often too large, causing discomfort or even injury to sensitive tissues. When a patient experiences pain administering their medication, compliance naturally drops. 

BIOSRX offers a novel dosing system that is smaller and easier to use. The outside of the Gentle Dose applicator is free of sharp edges or threading. The interior plunger features brightly colored dosing segments that make accurate measuring easy for even those with sight impairment. 



BIOSRX provides advanced compounding and dispensing technologies resulting in improved laboratory productivity and patient outcomes to compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities. Founded by compounding pharmacists, BIOSRX is dedicated to serving our colleagues through innovation and improving patient care.

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