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Meet GSL Solutions - Streamline Your Will Call with RFID Technology

Smart labels, also known as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, are being used to track consumer products worldwide. Basically smart bar codes, RFID tags can talk to a networked system to monitor the movement of pretty much any item. Many people say this technology is the future of commerce.

When it comes to pharmacy management, RFID tags can streamline almost every step of the process, from label printing to patient pickup. GSL Solutions’ IntelliCab system combines standard RFID tags and proprietary RFID readers with an electronic lockable cabinet and real-time tracking software. IntelliCab is HIPAA compliant for Schedule II drug storage and uses employee authentication by badge for retrieving prescriptions. 


About GSL Solutions

GSL Solutions Inc’s technologies are founded by the marriage of the minds of engineer Steve Garrett and pharmacist Shelton Louie. Both understood from the very beginning that prescriptions are physical products and needed to be tracked physically. Further, they added the requirement that the technology they developed needed to track automatically, without repetitive scanning. These requirements led them to use RFID in their family of products which all run on the IntelliSys platform ensuring accountability.

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