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BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System From Swisslog Healthcare Creates a More Efficient Pharmacy Workflow

BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System From Swisslog Healthcare Creates a More Efficient Pharmacy Workflow

Optimize pharmacy workflows with the fully automated modular storage and retrieval system to eliminate picking errors, increase security, improve patient safety and save time.

Company Background

Swisslog Healthcare is a leading supplier of solutions and services for medication management, combining both transport and pharmacy automation. Swisslog Healthcare has installed facility-wide transport and pharmacy automation systems in more than 3,000 healthcare institutions worldwide. The company offers integrated solutions from a single source – from consulting to design, implementation to lifetime customer service. For more information, visit

Swisslog Healthcare is a member of the KUKA Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions.

Product Overview

BoxPicker is part of an end-to-end integrated solution of Swisslog Healthcare technology that manages medication from wholesaler to patient. BoxPicker provides pharmacies with secure, high-density storage of medications –controlling access, improving pharmacy workflow, and expediting the picking process. BoxPicker uses a robot to multitask and multiple operator stations allow for simultaneous operations, significantly boosting staff efficiency. With the dual access points, one technician can stock medications within the system while a second technician can pick patient-specific drugs, complete refills for ADCs or restock returns. By optimizing pharmacy workflow, the staff can spend less time locating, picking, and verifying medications and therefore focus on clinical and revenue-generating tasks.

To support the unique needs of every pharmacy, BoxPicker allows for configuration, including options for multiple modules, additional operator stations, anteroom access and ambient, refrigerated, or dual-temperature systems. This high-performance system significantly minimizes the need for static shelving, as full modules consist of 240 boxes and four high-capacity drawers for larger items. As your pharmacy’s needs evolve, you can expand your system by adding modules, rather than having to invest in another piece of equipment.


Fully Automated 

-All items are brought to a single operator station for retrieval and verification.

-Multiple operator stations allow for simultaneous operations, improving efficiency.

-Users have no exposure to internal moving parts, increasing safety.

-Picks the next three orders ahead of the user for enhanced picking productivity.

-Reallocates staff to more meaningful tasks and provides confidence that they are pulling the right medication.


-Allows for easy expansion options as pharmacy needs change and grow.

Guaranteed Control 

-Limited access, scan in and scan out technology decreases opportunity for error.

-Password-protected operator access ensures inventory control and audit capabilities.

Additional Product Lines 

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing, dispensing, and returning unit-dose medications. The patented PickRing® delivers patient-specific medication on a single ring ready for administration, reducing the opportunity for missed medications and speeding up administration time.

AutoCarousel® Semi-Automated Pharmacy Storage System transforms medication management by reducing labor, drug waste, missing medications, and picking mistakes. AutoCarousel is accurate and reliable, and the vertical design ensures maximal storage in a compact footprint, reclaiming valuable pharmacy space.

AutoPack® Automated Oral Solid Packager allows pharmacies to prepackage tablets for unit dose dispense. Or, through integration with hospital information systems, orders can be filled on-demand, including cabinet replenishment orders or patient-specific cart fill or STAT orders. AutoPack further minimizes human touches and maximizes productivity.

Relay® is the first autonomous service robot designed to work around people in busy hospitals. Highly useful for hospitals without a pneumatic tube system or for “Do Not Tube” items, this healthcare robot handles deliveries quickly, safely, and reliably, increasing productivity by allowing staff to focus on high-value tasks, while improving their overall experience and ultimately patient outcomes.

Nexus™ Technology Solutions for Translogic® Pneumatic Tube Systems supports chain of custody management by using radio frequency identification (RFID) to track and monitor carriers. Nexus stations increase staff efficiency by automating more of the pharmacy workflow and enabling WhoTube™ personnel badge swipe technology to deliver medication in a fast and secure way.

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