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Pharmaceutical Inventory Management Services by Capital Inventory

Pharmaceutical Inventory Management Services by Capital Inventory

The nation’s leader in pharmaceutical inventory service providing inventory data that is accurate and dependable.

Company Background

Capital Inventory, Inc. was founded by William Straub Sr. during the late 1970s in Alexandria, VA. The company relocated to Georgia in the early 1980s and serves the entire nation, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands from our office in the Atlanta, GA area.

Capital Inventory, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years, providing service to thousands of hospitals, university medical centers, regional medical centers, and health systems. Capital Inventory exclusively services hospital, outpatient, and infusion pharmacies. Our inventory experts are in pharmacies daily and year-round. Employees of Capital Inventory are employed full-time and receive complete benefit packages. Employees undergo extensive and continuing education including pharmacy practices, drug information, HIPAA regulations, and blood borne pathogen. Feel confident and secure as all of Capital Inventory’s employees undergo an extensive background check including felony, misdemeanor, and sex offender. Employees are 12-panel drug tested regularly and at a minimum of twice a year. All testing is conducted by third party specialty companies. Additionally, employees are required to be current with all vaccinations including yearly Influenza and TB testing.

Product Overview

Our people are the difference. Our teams speak “NDC fluently”, are CPhT’s, and understand the dynamics of pharmacy operations. The physical inventory process is seamless and unobtrusive as team leaders strategically place the team in locations throughout the pharmacy to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Before completion of an inventory service, our teams actively work with finance and/or independent auditors while on-site to validate the accuracy of the inventory data collected. Beyond the physical inventory, the data is then received, analyzed, and formatted into a report that includes all pertinent information to allow for accurate and precise analysis of the inventory data. Let our team of experts provide your next inventory valuation with precision, accuracy, and confidence. Now is the time to get to know Capital Inventory, Inc. The following will briefly explain our procedures and service capabilities.

-What to Expect on Inventory Day

Upon arrival the Capital Inventory team will be introduced to the pharmacy and staff. Our team leader and a pharmacy representative will map the pharmacy and its respective areas. Team members are then assigned to the designated areas and proceed entering each NDC number and QTY into a hand-held data gathering computer. Once all areas are completed, the raw inventory data is then transmitted to an independent team for review and analysis.

-What to Expect Post Inventory Day

Items will be priced according to GPO/Wholesaler Cost Data and Direct Purchase/Secondary Wholesaler Cost Data. Upon review the data will be adjusted, compiled, and valuated. Finally, the inventory data will be delivered electronically as an Excel file.

-What to Expect After Receipt on Inventory Data

If it is identified that adjustments are needed we have an easy step-by-step way to apply the indicated changes. When submitted the adjustments can be made and returned within 24-48 hours. Unlike other companies that do not allow adjustment to the inventory data we will make adjustments to the data as requested to ensure the final value is a true representation of the on-hand inventory.

GPO Affiliations




-The Resource Group

-Health Trust

Ordering Information

To learn more about Capital Inventory and how we can help you with our inventory services please contact us at (800) 345-0849 or

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