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The Steri-Tamp® Difference – Single-Use Seals With True Tamper-Evidence

The Steri-Tamp® Difference – Single-Use Seals With True Tamper-Evidence

The only single-use, tamper-evident seal that provides a 100% sterile barrier. Allied Pharmacy Products, Inc. is dedicated to safer drug handling in hospital, clinic, and pharmacy settings through tamper evidence and sterility solutions.

Company Background

Allied Pharmacy Products, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the focus on improving the preparation and dispensing of intravenous medication in the hospital pharmacy and compounding settings. Steri-Tamp® was developed by a pharmacist who understood the need for better tamper-evidence and sterility in IV preparation. Allied Pharmacy Products, Inc. has always been responsive to pharmacists’ requests, which continues to contribute to expanding our product line.

Product Overview

The Steri-Tamp® sterile product line is comprised of seven innovative tamper-evident seals. Steri-Tamp IV Bag Port seals are available in blue, red and CHEMO (yellow). The Vial seals are available in 13mm (red), 20mm (silver) and 28mm (blue). Steri-Tamp Belly Button Bag seals (green) are the only seals that will adhere to the port of a Hospira/ICU Medical “belly button” bag as well as the top of a 13mm vial.

Unlike other seals on the market, Steri-Tamp seals provide true tamper-evidence. Using dual-layer technology, the seals help to alert hospital staff if a bag or vial has been used or modified. If the top foil layer is removed, the "OPENED" layer is revealed and the top layer cannot be reapplied. Due to the 3X stronger adhesive, Steri-Tamp is able to provide a 100% sterile barrier.

Steri-Tamp also offers two non-sterile syringe seals. Their increased tensile strength allows you to remove easily from the liner and manipulate over any desired container (syringes, pill bottles, inhalers, EpiPens, insulin pens, medication boxes, etc.) without the seal breaking before it is applied. Our new Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal® will now allow you to see through to the markings on the syringe and scan the barcodes on, syringes, inhalers, insulin pens, etc.


Steri-Tamp® IV Bag Port Seals

-Offers the most fool-proof, potentially life-saving way of clarifying whether or not medication has been dispensed.

-Protects the point of entry of IV admixture bags from contamination and accidental double dosing.

-Using a simple “twist” method, the seal adheres to itself and the port ensuring no air channels.

-The green Belly Button Bag seal is the only seal specifically designed to cover the “belly button” port, which is located in the middle of the Hospira/ICU Medical bag. The seal can also be used on a 13mm vial top.

Steri-Tamp® Vial Seals

-Designed to lay flat on the vial top preventing bacteria from entering the vial. The seal should not overlap the edges.

-Helps to maintain the integrity of the medication.

-Sized specifically to fit 28mm, 20mm, and 13mm vial tops. A seal should only be applied to its corresponding vial size.

Steri-Tamp® Syringe Seals

-Non-sterile solutions to provide tamper-evidence for syringes and other medical containers.

-The new Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal® provides clear visibility to the barrel of the syringe and allows barcodes to be scanned. Perfect for sealing small oral, pediatric and NICU syringes.

Available in 1,000 Seals Per Roll

All Seals Help to Reduce Waste, Improve Workflow, and Save You Time and Money

“I really love that Steri-Tamp seals stay on in refrigeration.” — Pharmacy Technician

“The secondary layer is truly unique. I like that the top layer cannot be reapplied.” — Pharmacist

“Steri-tamps clear syringe seal is the perfect solution for those small syringes – the nurses are happy to receive them without the graduations being covered.” — Pharmacy Resident

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

ASHP Midyear, EAHP (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists), and various state pharmacy conferences.

Ordering Information

Available through major wholesalers and distributors. Please visit our website for order info, and to view our dispensing and application training videos:

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