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Synergy Medical ensures end-to-end patient safety with SynMed® and MedEye®

Synergy Medical ensures end-to-end patient safety with SynMed® and MedEye®

Synergy Medical is the exclusive distributor of MedEye technology in North America 

Synergy Medical today announced an exclusive partnership with MedEye. MedEye has been on the market in Europe since 2016 and has had significant success in preventing medication errors at the patient bedside, in both hospital and Long-Term Care settings. Given Synergy Medical’s long track record with accurate medication dispensing technology, and a packaging offering that is ideal for assisted living and long-term care environments, MedEye has chosen to work with Synergy Medical to introduce the technology in North America.

“Synergy Medical has developed proven technology to ensure accurate and efficient filling of blister packs. Multi-dose blister packs are noted to save time and reduce errors during medication administration. MedEye will complete the loop and capture any potential errors at the patient bedside. The technology can be integrated into any eMAR system, and helps the nurse to verify all 5 ‘Rights’ at once. Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Time, Right Route, Right Dose.” says President & Founder, Jean Boutin. “We are partnered with the top Pharmacy operators in North America, all of whom put patient safety at the top of their priority list. We look forward to working with them and their customers to make MedEye scanning technology the new standard in LTC.” 

Gauti Reynisson, co-founder of MedEye commented: “Every patient who suffers harm due to an avoidable medication error is one too many. Avoidable errors also lead to additional costs for healthcare facilities and the taxpayer. We have observed that following the adoption of MedEye, error rates drop quickly because of the system’s ability to identify weaknesses in the medication process and prevent those errors from recurring. MedEye doesn’t just catch the errors that reach the bedside, but also ensures that the whole process is made safer and more efficient.”

Synergy Medical is based in Longueuil, Quebec, and from 2008 has been designing, manufacturing and installing automated systems which allow pharmacies to efficiently and accurately prepare compliance packs: specialized pill boxes that enable patients to adhere to their medication regimens. 

Synergy Medical has installed close to 500 SynMed® XF and SynMed® ULTRA systems throughout North America and in Europe, in independent pharmacies as well as in centralized production facilities for pharmacy chains. The client list of this leader in automated dispensing already includes the largest pharmacy chains in Canada: Shoppers Drug Mart, and the US: CVS/Omnicare. 

MedEye is an AI powered visual verification system that accurately and efficiently identifies and registers that the correct medications are being administered at the bedside. MedEye acts as a second nurse for faster and safer verification, while saving time and costs for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

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