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Innovative Contamination Solutions - Teknipure

Innovative Contamination Solutions - Teknipure 

Teknipure is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative controlled environments consumable contamination solutions. Our products are designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination effectively and efficiently.

Since 2008, we have responded to market needs by developing and supplying easy-to-use, well-identified, and continuously available products that are manufactured according to the most stringent standards.

Our Products

-Knit & Woven Wipes

-Pre-Sat Wipes

-Non-Woven Wipes

-Sterile Wipes

-Microfiber Mopping System

-Nitrile Gloves



Contact Teknipure now for inquiries and product selection assistance to meet your needs | 844-309-2376 |

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