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Internal, Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Strategy Improves Net Operating Margin and Quality of Care - Visante

Visante - Case Study


Internal, integrated specialty pharmacy strategy improves net operating margin and quality of care.


Join multiple specialty pharmacy pharmacies together to improve care and costs.


A major Midwestern academic medical center needed to overcome a fragmented system of external specialty pharmacies with an internal, integrated specialty pharmacy strategy. Visante conducted a thorough pharmacy assessment and review, and developed an innovative plan to create and build a Retail/Outpatient and Specialty Pharmacy to support the academic medical center and Hemophilia Treatment Center. The plan included design space, software, equipment, staff, training, etc. In addition, Visante’s team managed all specialty billing and reimbursement for the first 24 months of the program.


Once Visante’s plan was put in place, the medical center saw immediate improvements in continuity of care, patient and staff satisfaction, and outcomes of care and quality.

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