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Micro Merchant Systems Releases Remote Signature Capabilities for PrimeDELIVERY™

SYOSSET, N.Y., Dec. 19, 2019  -- Pharmacists now have the option to wirelessly collect HIPAA-compliant patient signatures, with the release of the PrimeDELIVERY™  Mobile App "Remote Signature Capture" and associated features.  With this functionality, pharmacists can offer patients greater flexibility in receiving their orders and have confidence that all signatures are safely stored and archived.


Through Remote Signature Capture, a patient's prescription can be delivered, even if the patient is not available to sign for the package.  Instead, an advance electronic signature request is sent to the individual, who then provides an electronic signature that is automatically transmitted back to the pharmacy and uploaded to the patient record.

The Remote Signature Capture feature is accessible through PrimeDELIVERY™, which is the state of the art mobile solution offered by Micro Merchant Systems.  PrimeDELIVERY™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with the PrimeRx™ system, which provides comprehensive pharmacy and prescription management capabilities.

"Our new Remote Signature Capture capability reflects the reality of today's busy pharmacy, where deliveries have become customer expectations, but patients are not always able to be present when a delivery occurs," said Akbar Merchant, Micro Merchant Systems president and owner. "Going forward, pharmacies can be assured of capturing and recording required signatures, and patients can enjoy the flexibility of not having to be homebound, waiting for a prescription to be delivered."

The remote signature capture capability is supported by several new PrimeDELIVERY™ features that include:

- All "deliveries without signatures" are funneled to a specific "holding area" within PrimeRx™.

- Pharmacies can easily access those records through a new "No Sign/Deliveries" screen. From this screen, additional features can be accessed including:

        - At-a-glance overview of all deliveries pending signatures

        - Ability to easily select a patient record and transmit a signature request to the patient.

        - That signature request will include a link to capture the signature. Once the signature is complete, the patient can easily transmit the record back to the pharmacy.

- Patient signatures are received by the pharmacy, downloaded within PrimeRx™ and added to the patient's delivery record.

- Pharmacy managers have access to detailed reporting with regard to the remote signature feature. This information is easily accessible for all audit, reporting and compliance purposes.

"Our pharmacy customers expressed a need for a remote signature capability, and we are pleased to respond with such a comprehensive, helpful solution," Micro Merchant Systems Chief Executive Officer Ketan Mehta noted.  "The Remote Signature Capture allows pharmacists to better serve their patients and keep pace with changing expectations in today's busy world."

About Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems is a market leader in developing pharmacy management solutions to help fill prescriptions quickly and securely, while seamlessly addressing unique customer and workflow needs.

The premier PrimeRx™ software solution serves as the backbone of today's busy pharmacy and includes an innovative suite of tools that can be adapted for each pharmacy's specific needs.  PrimeRx™ interfaces with additional MMS software applications for comprehensive management of pharmacy needs.  MMS technology solutions allow pharmacy staff more time for patient consultation and care.

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