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Improve Profit and Reduce Labor Costs With the Omnicell E3 for Single Dose

Improve Profit and Reduce Labor Costs With the Omnicell E3 for Single Dose 

Omnicell® E3 Single Dose Automation is the fastest fully automated solution that accurately fills and seals both patient-specific and prepack single dose cards, positioning you to grow your pharmacy business without adding personnel.

Company Background 

Through our vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy, Omnicell is moving medication management forward to enable improved healthcare for everyone. Omnicell offers a powerful combination of advanced automation, data intelligence, and expert services to help improve patient safety, increase efficiency, lower costs, tighten regulatory compliance, and address population health challenges. 

Product Overview 

Imagine having a faster way to fill single dose blister cards, so you have more time for clinical work that helps patients. That’s what autonomous pharmacy is all about. With a throughput of 10 cards per minute, the new Omnicell® E3 Single Dose Automation is the fastest fully automated solution for single dose cards. It automates the fulfillment of both patient-specific and prepack cards, creating a turnkey solution for long-term care pharmacies and their customers. The Omnicell E3 provides a fully automated process from medication selection to the finished product, with highly accurate results. The time savings from the Omnicell E3 will allow you to work at the top of your license and grow your pharmacy business without adding personnel. You can increase profits by decreasing operational expenses and driving down cost per script associated with filling, sealing, labeling, and verifying single dose cards. Multiple workstations and 374 cassette locations allow staff to work more efficiently, maximizing pharmacy workflow. Improve pharmacy productivity with detailed, custom reports and automated barcode verification and tracking. The Omnicell E3 can interface with any pharmacy information system and enables customized labels and foils, allowing you to scale quickly and efficiently. 

Features & Options 

The comprehensive Omnicell E3 system includes: 

• High-Speed Packaging Technology 

• Software 

• Reports 

• Formulary Management 

• Cassette Inventory Management 

• Foil Printing 

• Labeling Systems Omnicell provides installation, training, and support, so you will be up and running with the Omnicell E3 in no time. 

Product Specifications 

The Omnicell E3 system offers: 

• Two, Seven-Axis Robots for Cassette Handling Inside the Machine 

• Improved Machine Graphical User Interface 

• Improved Reliability with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Fewer Moving Parts 

• Increased User Software Capabilities 

• More User-Friendly Alerts and Recovery Workflows 

• 24" HD Monitor with Touchscreen Display 

Ordering Information 

To request a demo or purchase the E3 Single Dose Automation, contact Omnicell at (800) 671-0589. 

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