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Imbue Botanicals – The Most Extensive, Clinically Efficacious CBD Product Line Available

Imbue Botanicals – The Most Extensive, Clinically Efficacious CBD Product Line Available 

Imbue Botanicals offers the most extensive line of premium, clinical-grade CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, and topical lotions and salves, all available in multiple strengths for people and pets. 

Company Background 

Imbue Botanicals started in 2016 as hemp began to gain limited legal status in the United States. Imbue Botanicals was founded first and foremost to provide an effective treatment for one of the founder’s severe neuropathy. The search for a treatment turned into a product line which became the basis for the company. Imbue was one of the very earliest companies in the CBD space to utilize U.S. sourced and grown hemp so it could verify the safety and quality of its products. It’s continued to lead the way in providing quality products that truly perform. 

Product Overview 

Imbue Botanicals is quickly becoming the CBD brand pharmacists trust. We offer the most extensive line of premium, clinical-grade CBD products for both people and pets. Our premium Colorado grown hemp products are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan. Our products offer exceptional quality, superb packaging, and unmatched value. Perfectly designed for the retail pharmacy market, our products are gaining strong attention and interest as a way of offering patients more holistic, effective alternatives as well as increasing store profitability. With nearly three decades of experience, the founders of Imbue Botanicals are passionate about utilizing our expertise and know-how to deliver exclusive, proprietary products, designed and envisioned to provide outstanding results. Our “earth first” approach to business, as well as consumer well-being, is fundamental to all that we do. We carefully extract and formulate our products for optimal concentrations and superb clinical efficaciousness. We provide the most comprehensive product training and support in the industry to ensure our pharmacy partners’ success. We also perform some of the most extensive product quality testing in the industry, and all of our products are batch tested by independent laboratories prior to shipment to ensure quality and consistency. 

Product Specifications 

Imbue Botanicals offers the most extensive CBD product line available in the pharmacy space, including: 

• Proprietary full spectrum CBD tinctures in four different strengths. 

• Vegan CBD capsules in three separate strengths. 

• Exclusive CBD lotion available in multiple sizes. 

• Proprietary CBD salves available in multiple sizes and strengths. 

• Exclusive CBD beauty products including face creams, eye cream, and lip balms. 

• Fully infused gummies available in multiple strengths and package sizes. 

• Comprehensive CBD product lines for canines, felines, and equines. 


“Imbue is the best packaged, most comprehensive, most clinically efficacious product line I have found. They provide amazing support and education to understand the products and CBD industry. A real winner for you and your customers!” — Svetislav Milic, R.Ph., Colonia Pharmacy, NJ 

“In doing a thorough research in the hemp based cannabidiol (CBD) market, Imbue Botanical’s CBD is the best I have found in terms of quality and price point. As of right now, there is no quality standardization available in the hemp industry. As a result, I found some CBD companies have poor extraction processes and charge a fortune! Not Imbue! This is a true full spectrum CBD product in the market. Imbue’s education and training material for pharmacist and staff have been great as well. Again and again, I am amazed by the CBD product Imbue provides because I see great results and are changing my patients’ lives.” — D.H. John Kim, Pharm.D., FAARFM, Robinson Drug & Compounding Center, NJ 

Markets Served 

U.S. and International Independent Pharmacies 

Ordering Information 

For more information or to order, call (844) 864-6283 or visit our website at 

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