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Pharma Logistics Delivers Fast Pharmaceutical Returns, Credits, and ROI

Pharma Logistics Delivers Fast Pharmaceutical Returns, Credits, and ROI 

Pharma Logistics is your reliable partner in pharmaceutical reverse distribution. Our Rapid Credit, Onsite, and Box and Ship services ensure hospital and pharmacy organizations can optimize inventory and supply chain, remain compliant, and boost their return on investment. 

Company Background 

Founded in 1996 by Michael Zaccaro, Pharma Logistics is a pharmaceutical returns company dedicated to client-focused service. Our mission is to make the returns process as easy as possible for our clients. Our superior service has earned the trust of a broad range of clients including hospital pharmacies, the VA Health System, independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains, and physicians’ offices. Our services help ensure customer compliance with federal and state regulations, and improve their investment on the credit return process. 

Product Overview 

We offer easy and hassle-free services to streamline your facility’s pharmaceutical returns process to save you time and labor. Our online client portal provides real-time tracking of open return projects and analytics on expected returns. 

Reverse Distribution Services 

• Rapid Credit: Reimbursement in as little as 14 days from the date the items are received. 

• Onsite Service: Trained representatives come onsite to check paperwork, ensure proper packaging, and prepare shipments for carrier pickup. 

• Box and Ship Service: Manually pack and ship your own returns with prepaid labels and boxes. 

Features & Options 

At Pharma Logistics we specialize in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, handling the return credit process for retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and other healthcare providers across the nation. Whether you need to get your credits more quickly, are looking for a convenient way to ship your expired drugs, or would like more visibility into your returned products, Pharma Logistics delivers seamless service to ensure compliance and improve profitability. 

Pharma Logistics Benefits for Pharmacies 

• Faster Credits: Supports cash flow and ROI for your organization. 

• Boost cash flow more quickly. 

• Spend less time on accounting – reduce your reconciliation time up to 25 hours per month. 

• Precision processing allows for line item reconciliation, delivering greater return credit accuracy. 

• Our 100% Credit Promise: If you don’t receive 100% of the estimated return value, we’ll pay the difference of your service fee. 

• Online client portal offers real-time visibility and return analytics. 

Online Analytics 

Beware, not every vendor can show exactly where your credit is in the return process and how much you can expect to collect. Unlike most vendors, Pharma Logistics provides you with our online client portal for 24/7 data access. Our portal improves your ROI by saving hours of labor, and enables your organization to quickly track your return jobs and credits in real-time.  

Real-Time Analytics Include 

• Expected Return Value (ERV) Calculation 

• Dashboard Showing Status of all Returns and Disposals 

• Line-Item Reporting

• Credit Tracking 

• Expected and Paid Credits 

• Data Export to Support Compliance and Financial Reporting 

Additional Product Lines 

Consumer Drug Take-Back Services 

Pharma Logistics provides your pharmacy with secure bins to help your pharmacy coordinate a community “drug take-back” program. Consumers are encouraged to safely dispose of unwanted pharmaceutical products. 

• Benefit: Helps protect your community from prescription drug abuse and accidental poisoning; reduces the dangers of pharmaceutical waste. 

Markets Served 

We serve hospitals, independent pharmacies, retail pharmacies, government, and closed door pharmacies. 

Ordering Information 

Call (888) 729-7427, email, or visit We will make sure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for your pharmacy 

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