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Safe Chain – Your Wholesale and Wholecare Distributor

Safe Chain – Your Wholesale and Wholecare Distributor 

Safe Chain delivers the support and pharmaceutical care you need, when your patients need you most, safely, and securely through our supply chain. 

Company Background 

Safe Chain was founded by brothers, Charlie and Pat Boyd, in 2011. What started as a boutique logistics business and wholesale distribution to hospitals, has now transformed into a full-service pharmaceutical wholesaler. The company has grown from just two employees to over 50, with five locations. Our values act as a vital link to support the care we have for our customers and their patients. 

Company Values 

• Honesty: Being truthful to each other and our clients. 

• Humility: Maintaining high character throughout all situations. 

• Gratitude: Being grateful for our clients and everything we have and do each day. 

• Professionalism: Dedicating ourselves to a higher standard then what is expected. 

• Responsibility: Being accountable and taking ownership in our job roles. 

• Positive Attitudes: Maintaining a polite, pleasant, positive demeanor under the toughest of circumstances. 

• Grit: Will to succeed and persevere no matter what challenges are thrown our way. 

• Teamwork: Commitment to each other to accomplish our common goals or visions. 

• Moral Courage: Doing the right thing even when it might be unpopular. 

• Enjoyment: Have fun. Life’s too short not to. 

Product Overview 

Safe Chain provides a wide range of pharmaceuticals and health care products and delivers them safely and securely to a diverse network of healthcare facilities nationwide. As your wholesale and wholecare pharmaceutical distribution specialists, we partner with you to help you deliver unparalleled vital care to your patients and businesses. 

Features & Options 

What can Safe Chain offer you? 

• $20,000+ Initial Credit Upon Approval • 30-Day Terms 

• Nationwide Distribution Centers 

• 100+ Direct Manufacturer and Wholesaler Accounts 

• No Minimum 

• Free Shipping 

• Dedicated Account Representatives 

Markets Served 

We provide a comprehensive range of wholesale pharmaceutical and healthcare products to independent retail pharmacies, surgery centers, urgent cares, specialty pharmacies, hospitals, international research and government-managed facilities, and physicians. 

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