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[VIDEO] NCPA CBD Source Powered by PRS

NCPA CBD Source Powered by PRS 

CBD education and quality product selection by pharmacists for pharmacists! 

Company Background 

NCPA has been the voice of independent pharmacists for over 100 years. PRS has been the name brand in pharmacy consulting since 1982. Now, NCPA has collaborated with PRS to create a digital resource for CBD products and an educational platform for pharmacists. CBD Source is a trusted source of CBD education and products for independent retail pharmacists, giving them the tools and information they need to confidently counsel patients about CBD. 

Product Overview 

CBD Belongs in a Pharmacy 

The CBD market is growing fast with little regulation. We found thousands of products and hundreds of manufacturers, many with fraudulent, contaminated, or mislabeled products. Finding quality products and sifting through all of the claims and misinformation can be daunting. NCPA CBD Source alleviates these issues by doing the research for you, giving pharmacists a reliable source of CBD information, resources, and quality products they can trust recommending to their patients. In addition, we have CBD trained pharmacists and specialists available to answer questions and assist as needed. 

Our Process 


 NCPA and PRS combined resources to screen and verify the quality of dozens of CBD brands and selected the manufacturers whose products and philosophy support independent pharmacy owners. 

Lab Analysis 

In addition to Certificates of Analysis (CoA) submitted by manufacturers, NCPA CBD Source engaged an independent lab to conduct initial and then future ongoing random testing of products to confirm purity and potency. 


Your patients rely on you for their health. It’s vital as the trusted community pharmacist that you become the community CBD expert. We provide you with accurate, up-to-date CBD education and product information, so you can confidently counsel your patients on CBD and recommend products. 


Pharmacist Specific CBD Education Pharmacist-centric education in a quick and easy format. You will learn about: 

• Why CBD Belongs in a Pharmacy 

• Endocannabinoid System 

• Mechanisms of Action 

• Drug Interactions 

• Adverse Drug Reactions 

• Side Effects 

• Suggested Dosing 

• Product and Dosage Form Education 

• Links to Pharmacist CE 

• Selected Brand Information and Much More 

Carefully Selected Manufacturers and Products

 Our selected products were tested for purity and potency and each brand was screened to ensure it belongs in your pharmacy. Products include: 

• Sublingual Oils (Including Liposomal) 

• Oral Delivery Methods 

• Pet Products 

• Topical Creams 

• Cosmetics and Much More 

Pharmacy Marketing Program 

We will provide resources and training to help sell CBD in your pharmacy and make you the recognized CBD expert in the community. We provide the following materials: 

• Patient Information, Bag Stuffers, Brochures, etc. 

• Media and Public Relations Information 

• Advertising Materials and Information for Your Website 

• Signage, Radio, IVR, and Newspaper Ads 

NCPA CBD Source ... the trusted source for pharmacist CBD education and quality product selection. This project is dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy in the United States. 

Contact Information 

Call (833) 786-6522 or visit us on the web at for details. Supporting NCPA’s CBD product partners benefits independent pharmacists everywhere. 

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