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[VIDEO] RxMedic - Save Valuable Time Without Losing Valuable Space

 Be Like Miral 
Save valuable time without losing valuable space. 

Do you need affordable and reliable tabletop counting technology but lack counter space? The RM1 is a compact, vision-based tabletop counting system perfect for growing or space-limited pharmacies. The RM1 quickly and accurately counts solid oral medications, has an easy-to-clean surface and saves you valuable time without taking up scarce counter space. Less than 8 inches tall and lightweight at only six pounds, the RM1 packs efficiency and affordability into one powerful and portable automated counting system. 

See the future of pharmacy automation and what it can do for you. 

Visit or call 800.882.3819. 

"It definitely improves our workflow efficiency and it's very easy to use. We've tried other counters in the past and they didn't work well for us. The RM1 work and it's a great value. We have seven, one for each of our locations."

-Miral Patel, RPh, Owner, Curlew Pharmacies, Clearwater, FL 

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