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The Flexible Pharmacy Management System - CarePoint

Computerized systems to help run pharmacies more efficiently have been available for about 50 years. Over that time, functionality has greatly improved and expanded, and today’s pharmacy management systems handle automated tasks and manage sensitive information, helping to free up pharmacists’ time for patient care. Pharmacy management systems commonly help with order processing, prescription refills, and patient medication records; some systems do much more.

CarePoint’s GuardianRx pharmacy management system performs more like a partner than a product. The customizable group of tools conforms to the needs of your pharmacy. Available features include dispensing, medication therapy management, patient texting/emailing options, one-click patient insurance eligibility checks, accounts receivable and reconciliation, and perpetual inventory management, including the ability to maintain multiple real or virtual inventories. 

Other advantages of the GuardianRx system include the abilities to manage multiple stores, connect to patient information in real time, and even integrate with long-term care or correctional facility pharmacies. Frequent new features and updates make GuardianRx able to scale and evolve with your business. CarePoint offers outstanding implementation and on-going assistance through an in-house dedicated support team. 


About CarePoint

For more than 20 years, CarePoint has been providing pharmacies with best-in-class systems and solutions based on the most advanced technologies and processes. CarePoint pioneered MTM back in the early 1990s, and integrated it with GuardianRx, the industry’s first true Windows-based pharmacy management system in the early 2000s. Since that time, CarePoint has maintained its focus on enhancing and expanding technology and tools that keeps clients ahead of their competition in efficiency, services offered, and bottom-line performance.

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