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Stopping Surface Contamination Before It Starts with Hardy Diagnostics

Pharmacies that are involved in compounding sterile preparations are required to comply with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard <797>, which specifically addresses monitoring microbiological concentrations on surfaces in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

The <797> standard calls for a written plan and schedule for monitoring of the surface areas most prone to contamination. If a sample result exceeds the established action level, immediate corrective steps must be taken -- which could include costly and time-consuming full-scale cleaning, ventilation assessment, or even production suspension. Timely, accurate testing is an important step in protecting patients, pharmacy staff, and your bottom line.

Hardy Diagnostics’ Lok-Tight™ Contact Media Plates make testing easier through a molded grid in the bottom plate to facilitate quicker counting of microorganisms. The friction lid design keeps the lid in place with an optional locking feature. Available in a variety of prepared culture media, Hardy’s media plates are designed for environmental sampling of air, surfaces, and fingertips.   In addition, Hardy’s triple-bagged, irradiated packaging ensures plates’ shelf-life stability, significant reduction of moisture build up, and safe room-temperature storage. 



About Hardy Diagnostics

A 100% employee-owned company, Hardy Diagnostics was established in 1980. Their microbiology products are used all over the world to diagnose and prevent disease.

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