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A Better Way for LTC Drug Returns - GRx

Residents of long-term care (LTC) facilities take, on average, between eight and 11 pharmaceutical medications on a regular basis. When a resident discontinues a medicine, leaves the facility, or passes away, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency regulations require the proper disposal of any unused medication. Typically, a team of nursing staff members would need to document the remaining drugs and then manually empty vials or blister packs. This task is not only time-consuming but, in the case of blister packs, difficult and potentially damaging to a nurse’s hands and wrists. In addition, drug packaging and labels would need to be destroyed in order to protect patient health information.


To improve the process, GRx provides on-site drug-return pickup service for a variety of returned medication types, including unit dose, “bingo cards,” prepacks, and blister cards. With no presorting required, the pharmaceutical returns process is made as easy as possible for LTC staff. The company’s specially trained service representatives are reliable and knowledgeable about every aspect of safe and compliant pharmaceutical returns. 

About GRx
Founded in 1986, GRx was one of the first providers of professional pharmaceutical return services in the United States. The company is fully licensed and compliant with DEA, DOT, EPA, FDA, OSHA, PDMA, RCRA, and state boards of pharmacy regulations.

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