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Secure Single-Item Storage and Dispensing

Automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) are popular in hospital pharmacies, and for a number of good reasons. These storage cabinets increase patient safety, monitor inventory, prevent diversion, and can streamline billing. Tracking user access and medications dispensed allows some models to provide real-time inventory reports that simplify the fill process and make tracking expired drugs easier. 

TouchPoint Medical’s medDispense F series Automated Dispensing Cabinets provide the option of high-security, single-dose dispensing. Progressive drawer-opening technology permits access to only the specified compartment within each drawer. A variety of 15 different drawer sizes makes it easy to store multiple types of medications.  


About TouchPoint Medical
TouchPoint Medical is a leading global provider of innovative and intelligent hardware and software solutions that enable the safe, efficient, and effective delivery of outstanding patient care. TouchPoint Medical solutions span across both mobile and stationary Medication Management solutions as well as Point of Care mobile and stationary workstation and wall mounts. TouchPoint Medical is committed to developing customer-driven solutions that advance healthcare professionals' delivery of care.

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