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The Industry's Most Trusted Partner for the 340B Drug Discount Program [Video]

We're turning 340B teams into A-teams. 

As the industry's most trusted third-party administrator for the 340B drug discount program, we can help optimize drug cost savings and meet HRSA compliance requirements for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. 

For 340B Hospitals and Health Centers

-Split Billing

-Contact Pharmacy 

-VHUB for Contract Pharmacies

-Compliance Manager

-Purchase Analytics

We're changing the game in third-party administration for 340B, with unmatched product innovation, ease of use, data transparency and support to help your team maintain compliance. We're the only 340B solution to score an "A" in the 2018 and 2019 Best in KLAS Report for 340B Management Systems, earning the title of Category Leader for two years running. 

If you're looking to collaborate with a vendor that can help you build a winning 340B program and contribute to your organization's bottom line, contact us to speak with a 340B program advisor and learn how to get started. | 1.800.581.1378 |

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