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Pharma Logistics’ Drug Take-Back Program Keeps Your Patients Safe

Unused medications are hazardous in a number of ways. When drugs are disposed of improperly -- by flushing down a toilet or discarding in household trash -- pharmaceuticals become potential water supply contaminants. If unused drugs are left in a home medicine cabinet, there is a risk of accidental poisoning or intentional misuse. Local pharmacies that offer to take back unused or expired medications can make a big difference in keeping their customers safe.

Pharma Logistics’ Drug Take-Back Program provides an easy option for collecting and properly disposing of OTC medications, prescription drugs, and controlled prescription drugs. This simple medication disposal program keeps your community safe and complies with the DEA Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act. A stainless steel kiosk features a lockable hopper door for securely depositing even tall drug containers. The access door  is secured with two registered keys. The program equipment includes a DEA-approved disposal liner and serialized zip tag. Bagged and tagged drugs are then placed in the provided shipping container and mailed to Pharma Logistics using a prepaid label,. Pharmacies may send their disposals back at any time. 


About Pharma Logistics

Founded in 1996 by Michael Zaccaro, Pharma Logistics is a pharmaceutical returns company dedicated to client-focused service. Their mission is to make the returns process as easy as possible for their clients. Their superior service has earned the trust of a broad range of clients, including hospital pharmacies, the VA Health System, Department of Defense, independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains and physicians’ offices.

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