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Compact, Tabletop Unit Dose Packaging by Accu-Chart

Pharmaceutical unit dose packaging has many advantages. From increasing compliance and customer convenience, to decreasing the risk of overdose of accidental ingestion by children, the benefits are clear. 

Not every pharmacy requires or has a budget for a large, software-integrated packaging system. Accu-Chart’s Vantage Cadet series of unit-dose drug packaging machines are compact and efficient. Able to package up to 120 doses per minute for solids and up to 32 doses per minute for liquids, the tabletop Cadet machines enclose each dose within a Class A package. Variable package sizes, complete sensors, and thermal transfer printing come standard with the Vantage Cadet line.


About Accu-Chart
With more than thirty years of doing business on a global scale, Accu-Chart is continually pursuing improvements in modern drug distribution for inpatient and operating room pharmacies. Serving over 4,000 hospitals and nursing homes in USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries of the world, the company is a major force in the international market.

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