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Steri-Tamp Syringe Seals Protect Patient Safety

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Knowing whether or not a syringe has been unsealed can be a matter of life or death: An opened syringe could indicate that a medication dose has already been administered, could be a warning of possible contamination, or it could be evidence of tampering. Preventing double-dosing and protecting patient safety are of the utmost importance, particularly when delivering drugs intravenously. In addition, USP <797> and <800> require sealed syringes to protect pharmacy staff from exposure to hazardous drugs.

Truly tamper-evident seals must make it obvious when a syringe has been opened. To be safe and effective, such seals must not fall off due to refrigeration, and must provide obvious evidence of tampering. Allied Pharmacy Products’ Steri-Tamp Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal offers the additional advantage of clear visibility of syringe graduation marks. The powerfully adhesive seals are easily applied over syringe caps and cannot be removed once applied. Removing the cap destroys the deal, providing an undeniable sign the syringe has been opened.


About Allied Pharmacy Products
Allied Pharmacy Products, Inc. was founded in 2010 with a focus on improving the preparation and dispensing of intravenous medication in the hospital pharmacy and compounding settings. Steri-Tamp was developed by a pharmacist who understood the need for better tamper-evidence and sterility in IV preparation. 

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