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Is Your Drug Supply Truly Supporting Operations? - Fagron Sterile Services

Is Your Drug Supply Truly Supporting Operations?

Sterile-to-Sterile | API-to-Sterile | Biologic

Experience Partnership With A 503B You Can Rely On.

Founded in 1990, Fagron is the world’s leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to safe, quality compounding.

As part of the only vertically integrated pharmaceutical company committed to sterile compounding, Fagron Sterile Services US (FSS) state-of-the-art 503B facilities drive outsourcing solutions on a comprehensive level across the continuum of care.

FSS provides a safe, reliable supply for you and the patients you serve – from cGMP ISO 5 classified aseptic processing environments, industry-leading automation and environmental monitoring, FDA inspected quality testing labs to top tier customer service, streamlined shipping, and 24/7 mobile-friendly webshop access.

-Controlled Substances

-OR Anesthesia


-Pain Management

-Specialty Preparations


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