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The Most Flexible Pharmacy Management System on the Market Today - Integra

Comprehensive Pharmacy Oversight

The most flexible pharmacy management system on the market today. PrimeCare answers all the needs of institutional, long-term care, and combo shop pharmacies.

Time-Saving Billing Matrix

Best in the industry when it comes to the Billing Matrix. Ensure prescriptions are delivered to facilities in a timely manner and billing is performed accurately and efficiently. Manage multiple facilities from one location.

Flexible Workflow

Streamline daily processes and improve efficiency by breaking your workflow into segmented tasks, making it easier to monitor operational flow and ensure your pharmacy is operating at peak performance.

Everything at a Glance

Gain valuable insight with Pharmacy at a Glance, which provides a real-time report of all activities underway. See where orders are in the process and identify any bottlenecks in the system.

Comprehensive Interfaces

PrimeCare works with over 200 interfaces. Choose from a variety of solutions and services to help improve efficiency, reduce duplicate data entry, and enhance customer service. Our ready-made interfaces use government and industry standards to ensure reliable, accurate communications.

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