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The University of Texas Tyler would like to congratulate Stacy Cody, 2017 Independent Preceptor of the Year!


Stacy Cody, 2017 Independent Preceptor of the Year!


The Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy is proud to recognize Mr. Stacy Cody, RPh, as the student-selected Independent Preceptor of the Year for 2017. Mr. Cody is the owner and manager of Cody Drug, a community independent pharmacy located in the East Texas town of Sulphur Springs. Mr. Cody spends a great deal of time mentoring each of his student pharmacy interns, and has demonstrated a genuine interest in their professional development. His primary motto is that every customer should be treated with the same kind of care that you would give your family. “When you look at individuals like you do your own grandmother,” he says, “ your perspective changes.” Additionally, Mr. Cody reinforces a need for compassion in pharmacy practice, and attributes that as a key factor in his success as a pharmacist. He said, “If you want to be a pharmacist, the most important thing you need to have is love. Love for your customers.” 

A rotation with Mr. Cody is not simply about “doing stuff” in a pharmacy. He treats all of his student interns like potential new hires, and he holds them to a higher standard. He emphasizes the need for strong knowledge and communication skills, and works with his students to build their professionalism and character. The Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy is delighted to have Mr. Stacy Cody as one of its preceptors, and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to our students. 

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor for the Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy Preceptor and would like information, please contact:

Kawanda Williams, PharmD – APPE Director | (903) 566-6146 | 

Thomas Duncan – IPPE Director | (903) 566-6154 |

Holly R. Duhon, PharmD – Assistant Dean for Experiential Education | (903) 565-5596 |

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