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University of Maryland School of Pharmacy would like to thank Dr. Peter Mbi!




The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy congratulates Dr. Peter Mbi, PharmD, owner of Global Health Pharmacy in Laurel, MD, for being selected for the Master Preceptor Award from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) for 2016. Dr. Mbi has served as a preceptor for the University of Maryland since 1990, is a two-time recipient of the School’s Preceptor of the Year award and is one of the school’s most popular preceptors. He is one of more than 800 preceptors who provide exceptional educational opportunities for the school’s students.

His students consistently give him glowing evaluations, for both his knowledge of and passion for the profession of pharmacy. He starts by determining what his students know, and builds upon that knowledge throughout the rotation. Many of his students maintain connections to him throughout their careers.

Dr. Mbi has stated that he is incredibly blessed to have been selected as one of AACP’s master preceptors, but he also acknowledges the efforts of faculty in shaping the education and skillsets of his students. He also confesses that while he is teaching, he learns much from them.

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is honored to include Dr. Mbi as one of its preceptors, and looks forward to working with him for years to come.

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