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UNC School of Pharmacy would like to congratulate Dr. Ian Hollis & Dr. Amy Sauls, 2016 Preceptors of the Year!


Thank you to our 2016 Paloni Preceptors of the Year! 


Ian Hollis


Health-System Preceptor of the Year

Preceptor for nine years - Mentored over 50 students 

Student Comment:

“Dr. Hollis’ ability to ask a series of questions to allow a learner to reason through an answer, rather than simply lecturing, results in an unparalleled learning experience.

Amy Sauls


Community Preceptor of the Year

Preceptor for four years - Mentored 30 students 

Student Comment:

“I truly felt that Dr. Sauls was 100 percent dedicated to my month at campus health... She is a kind, effective and dedicated preceptor who is fully worthy of recognition for her time and eort invested in student learning.”

Want to join the preceptor team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill? Please contact Kim Leadon at 919-966-3023 or

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