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The Leading Advocate and Resource for 340B Hospitals -340B Health

The Leading Advocate and Resource for 340B Hospitals

340B Health is a membership organization, independent from both the drug industry and the government, consisting of over 1,400 hospitals nationwide enrolled in the 340B drug pricing program. Since the program’s inception, 340B Health has worked to protect the program by providing our members educational, networking, and advocacy opportunities. We provide support in addressing our member’s 340B operational and compliance challenges including: compliance around changes to Medicare Part B reimbursement for 340B drugs; preparing for a government or manufacturer audit; comparing split-billing software vendors, and connecting with 340B hospitals around the country. We encourage all 340B hospitals to consider joining our association and look forward to working with our members in 2020 to protect this vital, life-saving program. 


340B Health

Shane Kelley

1101 15th Street NW, Suite 910

Washington, DC 20005

PHONE: 202-552-5864

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