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Medication Adherence Packaging – a Full Solution Suite - Parata

Medication Adherence Packaging – a Full Solution Suite

Our packagers, inspection, and more can turn your med sync program into a genuine medication adherence engine. Improve patient medication compliance and stand out from the competition with our adherence packaging solutions. Our ATP® Series and PASS® Suite give you scalable pouch packaging options designed to grow with your business. Alleviate time-consuming verification of pouch packaging with our efficient inspectors, Parata Perl® or InspectRx®. ATP 2 Duo™ is a multi-med system with a swappable lower packing unit allowing your ATP®2 to also package blister cards, streamlining and diversifying your adherence packaging program. Flexible software in each packaging and inspection product can easily scale to central filing operations for your business.



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Durham, NC 27703

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