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Barcoding for Safety and Efficiency - Parata

Barcoding for Safety and Efficiency

We provide closed-loop solutions that all feature barcode processes to improve patient safety, increase accuracy, and guarantee the right medication is dispensed into the right packaging for the right patient every time. Our ATP® Series and PASS® Suite of pouch packagers feature barcode processing from filling canisters into the machine, to adding barcodes to each and every pouch dispensed. Barcodes on each pouch allow the InspectRx® and Perl® image verification systems to verify each medication by 12 parameters or add barcodes to each individual medication on the pouch for meds-to-bed scanning or stocking ADUs/unit-based cabinets in hospital or LTC facilities. The Beacon® inventory management system relies on barcodes during every step of the script-filling process to provide visibility to your inventory down to the bottle and pill level.



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