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Nationwide Cleanroom Solutions - Modular Cleanrooms

Nationwide Cleanroom Solutions

For over 40 years, Modular Cleanrooms' mission is to be a leading supplier for the finest and most effective products for the cleanroom industry. Decades of experience have made us a cleanroom industry leader in the United States. Modular Cleanrooms understands that no one product can meet everyone’s needs, which is why we offer two lines of pharmacy ready cleanrooms; the Aluminum Bio-Clean and the totally self-contained Hardwall Cleanroom. We are one of the largest stocking distributors for Envirco MAC 10 fan powered HEPA filters and can ship filters immediately. Our rooms meet or exceed USP 797/800, 503A/B, ISO Class 8 to 5, and Federal Standard 209E Class 100,000 to 100. We also have an extensive background in retrofitting existing labs and upgrading your existing cleanroom.


Modular Cleanrooms, Inc.

3740 Paris Street 

Denver, CO 80239

TOLL-FREE: 800-496-7666

PHONE: 303-371-0272

FAX: 303-371-0270

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