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Full Service Take Back Solutions - ARXG

Full Service Take Back Solutions

ARXG is one of the only companies in the country that offers a unique full service take back solution that is fully compliant with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT). ARXG is trusted by thousands of pharmacies, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals, and we are committed to providing a safe, compliant, and cost-effective closed-loop process for pharmaceuticals and sharps disposal. Become a community provider of Take Back services with our safe and secure Disposal Kiosks, with fully custom-branded graphics available. Return your unwanted medications with our environmentally friendly tamper-evident Rx mail back envelopes. Our state-of-the-art tracking portal offers real-time tracking and program performance, as well as the ability to replenish your disposal liners easily. Take advantage of our program features with our low-cost, simplified Take Back solution. 



ARXG Sales Team

6321 Bury Drive #19

Eden Prairie, MN 55346

TOLL-FREE: 855-269-1750

FAX: 952-974-7874

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