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Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Begins With Asembia-1

Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Begins With Asembia-1

Asembia’s innovative technology workflow platform, Asembia-1, is designed to meet the evolving needs of the specialty pharmacy industry. Asembia-1 streamlines patient onboarding and prescription intake while providing actionable real-time reporting, web-based dashboards, and visibility for all entities involved with the overall patient journey. The easy-to-use system has been developed to integrate seamlessly with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country. Key features include prior authorization initiation and follow-up tools; optimized patient management protocols including care plan; adverse event reporting; copay cards and PAP assistance; dynamic reporting; prescription transfer status visibility; insurance finder; and FedEx printed labeling. Interactive dashboards create reports to bookmark and organize pharmacy data and simplify data extraction for manufacturer/payer reporting. Asembia's portals link the pharmacy and the healthcare professional in two-way communication. You can also manage electronic refill requests and text message your patients. The Asembia support team even manages the upkeep of clinical counseling on behalf of your pharmacy. Contact us for a demo today!



Shivani Patel, PharmD

SVP, Clinical Operations

and Technology

200 Park Avenue, Suite 300

PHONE: 973-564-8004

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