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Integrated Software Solutions to Drive Better Patient Health - McKesson Pharmacy Systems

Integrated Software Solutions to Drive Better Patient Health

McKesson’s integrated software solutions drive pharmacy efficiency and profitability while helping you provide clinical services that empower you to be more actively involved in patient care. We give you the software and technology you need to spend more time with your patients leading to reduced costs, increased fills, improved outcomes, and better business health for your pharmacy. By integrating the latest Clinical Programs Solution (CPS) directly into our cloud-based workflow software, you can leverage every patient visit to have meaningful counseling sessions to evaluate risk, help determine adherence, and provide additional clinical services. This unique set of tools can help you improve patient outcomes and maximize operational and clinical performance leading to reduced DIR fees, increased revenues, and improved operational efficiencies. All this means better clinical outcomes, greater engagement, and increased safety for your patients, not to mention, healthier pharmacy performance.


McKesson Pharmacy Systems

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