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Convenient, Advanced, Telehealth Technologies - PK+ Telehealth Suite by TCE Group

Convenient, Advanced, Telehealth Technologies

The PK+ Telehealth Suite from TCE Group allows our partners to provide their end-users with a wide range of digital healthcare services as well as pharmacy order fulfillment. The modules can be purchased as a whole or in their component parts, depending on your needs. PK+ Telehealth Suite benefits include reduced costs for the health system and individual patients, and better health outcomes, especially for chronically ill patients. In particular, chronically ill Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for coverage of certain programs that PK+ technology can facilitate. PK+ allows businesses to enhance their service offering without having to build the technology and platforms from scratch. The maker of PK+, TCE Group, is a Canadian engineering company founded in 1992, specializing in pharmacy automation and healthcare systems integration. TCE Group established the world’s first online mail-order pharmacy, ADV-Care, which now operates as an affiliate. They developed and patented the PK+ Pharma Kiosk, and developed and released the ADV-Care Pharmacy mobile app for Android and iPhone. Today, they provide a pharmacy-centric suite that includes telehealth, reminders, vitals monitoring, care plans, alerts, caregiver participation, and IBM Watson AI integration for early detection and intervention. 


TCE Group, makers of PK+ 

#15-270 Esna Park Drive

Markham, ON L3R 1A6


PHONE: 905-948-9388

FAX: 905-948-0465

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