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Eyecon Pill Counter 9420 Model - Rx Systems, Inc.

Eyecon Pill Counter 9420 Model 

Are you looking to reduce labor, while at the same time increase accuracy? The Eyecon Pill Counter 9420 is a unique prescription filling station that improves dispensing efficiency, helps validate the proper NDC, and reduces counting errors by using a camera to count the black/white image of the medication. Using the Eyecon you can double count a 90 ct. script in less than one minute with 99.99% accuracy. The validation gives you peace of mind, and the ROI is less than one year by virtually eliminating miscounts and greatly reducing labor. It is ideal for counting prescription pills and tablets, and can also be used to double or triple count controlled substances. Bi-Directional interfaces are available for most leading software companies. Robotic owners can maximize their unit by using the robot to do the first count, while using the Eyecon to do the second count and capture an image at the same time. It saves photos of the pills counted by Rx number for every prescription dispensed, and has a 2D bar code scanner to capture lot # and expiration dates. Webinar sessions are available for detailed review. Leasing options are available. Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies including labels, bags, vials, and LTC packaging for community and institutional pharmacies.  


Rx Systems, Inc.

121 Point West Boulevard

St. Charles, MO 63301

TOLL-FREE: 800-922-9142

PHONE: 636-925-0001

FAX: 636-925-0041

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