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Importing Drugs from Canada

Episode Description: On the episode we bring back our favorite Canadian pharmacist, Brandie Mabee. We talk about the new proposals about the US importing drugs from Canada and it’s impact on drug pricing and it’s feasibility of implementation.

I referred to a few different articles in the episode, so I’ll be linking those here:

Everything (or almost everything) you need to know about importing drugs from Canada:…ugs-from-canada/

Drug Importation Can’t Coexist with U.S. Track-and-Trace Law:…portation.html…rns-idUSKCN1UD2LN

Exclusive: Canada warns U.S. against drug import plans, citing shortage concerns:…rns-idUSKCN1UD2LN

Trump Administration Plans To Allow Imports Of Some Prescription Drugs From Canada:…-be-imported-to-u-s

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